Plugins Podcast Feedback Hotline Now Available

The WordPress Plugins Podcast feedback hotline is now available to take your suggestions, feedback and comments.


(614) 859-9007

Or use the widget below to have our hotline call you:

Please indicate at the end of the message if the comments/feedback left may be used in the show.

2 thoughts on “Plugins Podcast Feedback Hotline Now Available”

  1. Dear Angelo,

    On July 23rd I created my first blog. While I have experience with website creation, I have never had a blog and never used WordPress. A friend recently gave me an iPod Touch and I found your podcast right away, downloaded every episode, and have listened to them repeatedly. I use my iPod to jot down the name of plugins that you have featured in your podcast. I love your show. I have much yet to finish on my blog but you have helped much in me getting on my way.

    Being new to WordPress, plugins, and blogs, I have some suggestions for things that you may wish to air for others in the same situation as me:

    1. File naming – Do you have a favorite way to deal with file folders? For instance, do you let the plugins create/choose their own folder for things such as images, etc.. or do you set out right away and create folders of your choosing? I am used to having to create all of my own folders and then placing appropriate items in them (pictures, newsletters, etc.)

    2. Do you have a recommendation for a plugin that deals with displaying images of suggested books, etc. where, when the user clickes the image, they will be directed to places such as Amazon and the purchase that they make will benefit your affiliate program revenue?

    3. I am wanting to move the website of the non-profit organization to WordPress. Some pages are static, others are not. It is particularly the look of the site that I want to change and possibly move it to another host company. Is there a plugin that can be used to push the site into a WordPress theme quite easily?

    4. What tips would you give a newbe like me regarding choosing plugins. For instance, I just noticed today that a particular plugin stated that it could be used only with versions X – Y. I am glad I noticed that, or I would have not been able to use it and would have taken the time for nothing. Do the ratings mean anything? It appears that all the ones I saw today during a search were empty stars. When searching for new plugins, what process would you suggest? What warnings would you have?

    Thanks so much for your excellent podcast. It has been a wonderful help to me.

    PS … I will be honest to say that there was one interview I didn’t listen to much of. I think it was a single interview with a guy who had created one or maybe two plugins. There was lots of empty space in the dialog and I wasn’t sure what benefit he brought to listeners.

    PSS … I will also be honest to say that the interviews(3) that you had with Lorelle were fun to listen to and full of helpful information.

  2. Lots to answer here in a reply. I’ll just respond to a couple items.

    File naming: I prefer to use the default naming that WordPress uses. If you install plugins from within the admin area of WordPress you don’t have to even worry about this.

    Book suggesting plugin: I don’t know of one at this time.

    Many themes can be used as a CMS, so i would recommend taking one, trying it with static pages and see if to works the way you want.

    Choosing plugins: Try them all, you can always enable a plugin, and then disable it after a few minutes if you’re not happy with it.

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