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The XML Page Sitemap plugin adds an HTML (Not XML) sitemap of your blog pages (NOT blog posts) by entering the shortcode [html_sitemap ] in the page content. This simple plugin is configured from the shortcode. Settings include the sort_column, sort_order, exclude, include, depth, child_of, meta_key, meta_value, authors, number, and offset. You can set essentially everything you can set in the wp_list_pages function.

This plugins is perfect for those who use WordPress as a CMS.

Please see the Template Documentation for the wp_list_pages function for detailed documentation of the available attributes and their values.

HTML Page Sitemap

The plugin may be downloaded from the WordPress Plugins Directory.

The following example shortcode will add a sitemap to a page displaying a depth of 3 and excludes this page:

[html_sitemap depth=3 exclude=215]

6 thoughts on “HTML Page Sitemap”

  1. Try creating the page first without the short code. Once you create a page it should display what ever you typed. If you keep getting a 404 page then you have something else wrong (beyond just this shortcode).

    Once you have your page loading without a 404 page, then go back, edit and add the [html_sitemap] shortcode, should be good to go. Will work anywhere, does not require Internet access.

  2. Would it be possible to add the option to make the sitemap list as an ordered list instead of an unordered list? I changed the ul html tags in the plugin to ol but it just makes the parent pages ordered lists. The child and grandchild pages remain unordered lists.

    I’d like to be able to set it so that parent pages, child pages and grandchildren pages all are ordered lists. Something like this:

    1. parent page
    1. child page one
    2. child page two
    1. grandchild page
    2. parent page two
    3. parent page three

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