Automotive Engine Formulas plugin for WordPress

Automotive formulas for car enthusiast web sites. Formulas currently include static compression ratio and engine displacement.

  • Engine displacement calculator with the `[[formulas ed=”true”]]` shortcode.
  • Static compression ratio calculator with the `[[formulas cr=”true”]]` shortcode.
  • Calculators are responsive friendly.
  • More features on the way.

Download Formulas version 0.1



Engine Displacement calculator: [[formulas ed=”true”]]

[formulas ed=”true”]

Static compression ratio calculator: [[formulas cr=”true”]]

[formulas cr=”true”]

The placeholder values are from a 1970’s Pontiac 400 cubic inch V8 engine. Engine displacement should total 400 and the static compression ratio should be 8.01:1 when using the placeholder values.