Be A Guest

Would you like to be a guest on the Plugins Podcast? Great! Here are the requirements.

  1. Be a WordPress developer (core platform, plugins or theme author) or experienced WordPress user
  2. Have a topic that is of value to the Plugins Podcast audience such as discussing a plugin(s) you created or like to use
  3. Be available via phone or Skype

If you meet the requirements above, please contact us with 2-3 dates and times that you’re available for a 15-30 minute discussion about your WordPress plugin topic.

Wonder what we will ask?

If you’re a plugin developer, here are the basic questions we ask:

  • Please tell us about yourself (optional)
  • Please tell us about your plugin. Response should explain what the plugin is and what it does.
  • Are there any special requirements?
  • What inspired you to develop the plugin?
  • Do you have any tips for new plugin developers?

If you’re not a plugin developer but are discussing the use of a plugin(s):

  • Please tell us about yourself (optional)
  • What is/are the plugin(s) that you are sharing with us today?
  • How do you use the plugin(s)?
  • What is your favorite plugin and why?
  • Do you have any suggestions for plugin developers?

In addition, guests may submit their own questions for Angelo to ask during the discussion.