Plugins 012a – MailPress Plugin

MailPressToday we’re covering the MailPress plugin to quickly add a newsletter mailing list to your blog.

Features include:

  • Newsletters for (users can subscribe to)
    • Each post
    • Daily (digest of posts each day)
    • Weekly digest
    • Monthly digest
    • Comments
  • Manually send newsletters
  • Detailed logging of sent messages
  • Themes for Email newsletters
  • Add-ons (Sort of like plugins for this plugin)
    • Bulk import tool (comma separated list of addresses)
    • Import data (csv, XML sample, other WordPress plugins from database)
    • Mailing lists manager
    • Newsletter categories
    • Synchronize WordPress accounts with MailPress Users
    • Add roles and capabilities (Special User Roles to apply to WordPress accounts)
    • Custom Fields

The plugin is very powerful which makes it very complicated to setup and configure. It definitely helps to read all of the documentation and have previous knowledge of how to edit source code before attempting to use this plugin.

Plugins Podcast Skill Level: Advanced

To learn more about MailPress, please go to


3 thoughts on “Plugins 012a – MailPress Plugin”

  1. I’m looking for a WordPress plug in to allow me to import email addresses that I have into my new ProPhoto3 WordPress Blog template. I want to be able to set my new blog up so as to inform all who have subscribed each time I post through email, not an RSS feed which many folks don’t understand.

    Will I be able to export captured email addresses of additional folks who subscribe?

    Will this plug in do this?

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