Plugins 025 – Ohio Linux Fest This September!

In this episode, we speak with Beth Lynn Eicher, one of the organizers of the Ohio Linux Fest coming this September 25-27, 2009 in Columbus, OH.

Talking with Beth Lynn, we discuss Linux User Groups (LUGs) in the region as well as other Linux Fests that are taking place in other parts of the country. We also learn about what bug 1 (bug number one) is.

Later on in our conversation with Beth Lynn, we discuss her WordPress blog What Will We Use and some of the plugins she is using.  Beth Lynn highly recommends the W3Counter WordPress plugin and service to track web visitors. It can be used together or as an alternative to Google Analytics. From the looks of W3Counter, this would provide ideal web statistics if your interested in knowing the platforms your visitors are using.

Beth Lynn also goes into detail with her experience with poorly written themes and outdated plugins. This is a common problem with WordPress that many of us have dealt with at one time or another using WordPress.

I spoke with Beth Lynn for over an hour on a variety of Linux topics. The complete interview is available at the Weekly Podcast avaialble at

Plugins 021 – Interview Lorelle on WordPress Part 3

This episode we continue our interview with Lorelle, the host of Lorelle on WordPress. Lorelle on WordPress is a popular WordPress blog that covers WordPress, reporting on new and exciting happenings in the WordPress community including development, new features, plugins plus help, tips, advice, and blogging techniques.

In this segment we go into detail with a plugin I’ve developed but yet to release that creates static files for your blog feeds. Lorelle goes on to suggest the WP Super Cache plugin as well.

Lorelle goes into detail about how plugin developers can support their plugins. We both agree that the forum system currently in place at is lacking. I also mention that there are advantages when a business or company develops plugins vs. an individual. Lorelle hit a nail on the head with plugin support. It is important that plugin users first read the documentation before asking questions that have already been answered in the docs.

Lorelle asks me what tip I have for WordPress plugin developers. I recommend learning how to use the Subversion system to allow to host your plugin.

Lorelle will be touring other WordCamps scheduled throughout the world. If you’re hosting a WordPress event, please check out Lorelle’s WordPress event page.

Thank you so much Lorelle for coming onto the show and discussing WordPress and WordPress plugins!