Plugins 019 – Interview Lorelle on WordPress Part 1

This episode we interview Lorelle, host of Lorelle on WordPress blog. Lorelle on WordPress is a popular WordPress blog that covers WordPress, reporting on new and exciting happenings in the WordPress community including development, new features, plugins plus help, tips, advice, and blogging techniques.

Lorelle has a lot of plugins to recommend. The Customizable Post Listings is one of her favorites. Created by Scott Reilly, the plugin allows you to display headings with links to related blog posts in many different formats to help promote other blog posts on your site. We also talk about plugins that can add a contact form and creative commons badge to your blog.

Lorelle mentioned the WordPress Plugin Competition 2009. The competition encourages WordPress plugin developers to create and submit exciting and useful plugins and possibly win $3,000 too!

We talk a little bit about plugin development, I go into detail about how I resolved a problem I was having printing a error message from my plugin in the edit post page of WordPress.

Part two will be available next week, stay tuned.