Plugins 010 – Contact Form 7 Plugin

Today we’re covering the Contact Form 7 plugin to add custom contact forms to WordPress.

Key features include:

  • Solid set of field types (radio, checkbox, dropdown, listbox, email,  etc…)
  • Email admin(s) of form submission
  • Ability to attach files
  • Captcha image to prevent SPAM form submissions
  • Easily customizable (as long as you know html/css)
  • Translated to over 30 languages
  • Works with WordPress 2.7 (latest version as of this writing)

The plugin is developed by Takayuki Miyoshi. To learn more about Contact Form 7 plugin, please visit

Plugins 007 – Special Guest Peter Keung author of Peter’s Custom Anti-SPAM plugin

In this episode, we have a special guest Peter Keung, author of Peter’s Custom Anti-SPAM plugin. During the interview, Peter tells us a little about what he does, gives us the 411 on his plugin and explains why he was inspired to create the plugin. Peter also recommends another plugin for us to check out called SimplePress forum plugin and has some tips for other plugin developers.

To learn more about Peter and his plugins, please visit

Plugins 003 – Peters Custom Anti Spam

Today we’re covering the Peter’s Custom Anti-SPAM plugin to combat comment SPAM in WordPress. The plugin adds a Captcha image to confirm that the actual user leaving the comment is a human and not a scripted SPAM bot or comment spamming crawler.

Key features include:

  • Easy to read customizable Captcha words
  • Random font styles
  • Audio option for visually impaired users
  • Does not require Javascript or web browser cookies
  • Works with WordPress 2.7 (latest version as of this writing)

The plugin is developed by Peter Keung. To learn more about Peter’s Custom Anti SPAM plugin as well as other plugins developed by Peter on his web site,