Plugins 002 – 7 Minutes on Blubrry Powerpress Podcasting Plugin

This is a shortened version of episode 1 covering the Blubrry Powerpress podcasting plugin. We will try to keep all episodes under 15 minutes for now on, sorry all. 🙂

Blubrry Powerpress is a lightweight WordPress plugin that adds only the essential features to your WordPress blog to turn it into a podcasting system. Below are some key features.

  • Easily add podcast episodes to blog posts and pages
  • Integrated audio/video media player
  • iTunes RSS tags and album over art
  • Podcast only RSS feed
  • iTunes Ping
  • Media size detection and duration in seconds detection for mp3s
  • 3rd party statistics integration

In addition to the core fetureas above, the plugin has the ability to easily import Podpress episodes and settings so users can easily migrate switch plugins.


3 thoughts on “Plugins 002 – 7 Minutes on Blubrry Powerpress Podcasting Plugin”

  1. Just set up powerpress and uploaded a wav file to my site directory but I always get this message:
    Media URL contains characters that may cause problems for some clients. For maximum compatibility, only use letters, numbers, dash – and underscore _ characters only.
    when I type podcast 1 into media url in the podcast episode box and nothing gets published. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. First, you may want to do some reading about podcasting at about the recommended audio and video formats to use when distributing podcasts on the web. wav files are hardly used on-line and with podcasting because they are typically 10 times larger than their identical mp3 versions. I would convert your audio file to am mp3 before you go any further. Plus mp3s give ytou the ability to write ID3 tags and images to the media file. All this is covered on the site.

    Second, the Media URL field is expecting a value that looks like Just entering text in the box will not work. The warning is letting you know that what ever value you enter into the Media URL field, it should not contain spaces or characters such as ? or % for example because some browsers and podcatchers cannot download files with those characters present in the file name.

  3. Hi, I am looking for a good wp tool to help setup a podcast directory. I want to bring in feeds, categorize them and publish for visitor consumption.

    Any suggestions?



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