Plugins 001 – Blubrry Powerpress Podcasting Plugin

Tonight’s episode I’m covering the Blubrry Powerpress podcasting plugin.

Blubrry Powerpress is meant to be a very lightweight plugin to add only the essential features to your wordpress blog to turn it into a podcasting system. Below are some key features.

  • Easily add podcast episodes to blog posts and pages
  • Integrated audio/video media player
  • iTunes RSS tags and album over art
  • Podcast only RSS feed
  • iTunes Ping
  • Media size detection and duration in seconds detection for mp3s
  • 3rd party statistics integration

In addition to the core fetureas above, the plugin has the ability to easily allow Podpress (an older WordPress podcasting plugin) users to easily migrate to Blubrry Powerpress. In this episode Angelo will explain how this works and what steps to take in case you decide to revert back to Podpress.