Plugins 010 – Contact Form 7 Plugin

Today we’re covering the Contact Form 7 plugin to add custom contact forms to WordPress.

Key features include:

  • Solid set of field types (radio, checkbox, dropdown, listbox, email,  etc…)
  • Email admin(s) of form submission
  • Ability to attach files
  • Captcha image to prevent SPAM form submissions
  • Easily customizable (as long as you know html/css)
  • Translated to over 30 languages
  • Works with WordPress 2.7 (latest version as of this writing)

The plugin is developed by Takayuki Miyoshi. To learn more about Contact Form 7 plugin, please visit


5 thoughts on “Plugins 010 – Contact Form 7 Plugin”

  1. I really like this plugin as well, I used it on my site and i really like it so far. However I just wonder what the plugin creator get out of it creating these free plugins. I have heard the add their own “hidden” links in the plugin code so they gain popularity when people use the plugin. Is this really true?

  2. Not so much with plugins, but Themes seem to have these hidden links/code/advertisements in them more often than not. If the plugin comes from, then it is relatively safe of those kind of links. All plugins are welcome to include a link for accepting donations though, and that is a standard acceptable thing to do for Open Source development.

  3. I’m in the process of setting up a wordpress CMS site locally using XAMPP.
    I installed Cformsll and tried to get it to send me an email… tried everything but no joy.
    So I tried Contact form 7, worked first time

    Contact form 7 is simple to setup and it has an easy CSS stylesheet that you can change to match your theme.

    For a great video on setting up Contact form 7, try this…

    For me? Contact form 7 every time.

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