Plugins 022 – WPtouch Mobile Smartphone (iPhone, G1 Android, Palm Pre) WordPress plugin

Today we’re covering the WPtouch mobile smart phone WordPress plugin.

The WPtouch Mobile Theme plugin adds a mobile friendly interface to your blog’s web site. The plugin allows you to quickly add support to your blog web site for mobile phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android G1/myTouch and the new Palm Pre. Installation is simple and configuration options are easy to configure.

Features include:

  • Clean navigation interface in an iPhone friendly format.
  • Supports Blackberry, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Supports Google Android, Opera mini and Palm Pre with some hacking
  • Settings for displaying categories, tags and author name in post listings
  • Settings for adding Google AdWords and Analytics
  • Customize the styling and colors and your logo (as an icon)
  • Support for other plugins

Here are some screen shots from an iPhone and from a Palm Pre:



If you’re familiar with editing PHP code and would like to enable WPtouch for Android, Palm Pre and Opera mini, please edit the wptouch.php, replace the array on line 250 with the following:

$useragents = array( “iPhone”,  “iPod”,  “aspen”,  “android”,  “dream”, “webos”, “incognito”,  “opera mini”, “webmate”,  “BlackBerry”);

Plugins Podcast Skill Level: Any

To learn more about the WPtouch plugin, please go to

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Plugins 018 – WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin

Today we’re covering the WP Greet Box WordPress plugin.

The WP Greet Box plugin adds a welcome box to the top of your blog post and/or pages based on where the visitor came from. The box can be extensively customized and special greetings can be added. The plugin is useful if you wish to help new users find additional content on your blog as well as encourage visitors to subscribe to your feed or tweet the blog post they are currently viewing.

Features include:

  • Extensive list of greetings for sites such as Google, Yahoo search, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…
  • Ability to add custom greetings and greeting icons
  • Open links in greeting box in new browser windows option
  • Display related posts within your welcome boxes to help visitor find additional relevant content
  • Import/Export options
  • Extensive documentation to add greetings to your WordPress theme

Plugins Podcast Skill Level: Any

To learn more about the WP Greet Box plugin, please go to

WordPress 2.8 Upgrade WYSIWYG TinyMCE Google Gears Bug

If you’ve recently upgraded to WordPress 2.8 and you’ve noticed that your friendly post editor (WYSIWYG by TinyMCE) no longer appears, you must likely have Google Gears enabled for your site. The Javascript error console includes a line number error and when viewing the script source, unreadable binary characters are present.

To fix, remove your site from the list of sites Google Gears is enabled. To do this from Firefox, click the “Tools” pull down menu and select “Gears Settings”. Click ‘remove’ for the sites listed that are having the problem.

From my research, I’ve discovered that Google Gears Caches files locally without regard to javascript errors, cleared browser cache or taking into account the query strings in the URLs.  It may be too complicated for Google Gears to detect javascript errors, but it should detect when the cache has been cleared in a browser in my opinion. More importantly, when the URL changes, e.g. from /wp-includes/js/tinymce/wp-tinymce.php?c=0&ver=3241-1141 to /wp-includes/js/tinymce/wp-tinymce.php?c=0&ver=3241-1141&change=1), Google Gears should treat this new URL link differently, as the query string may tell the server to send back a completely different code.Google Gears Developers: Please treat the URL including the query string as separate files to be cached in Google Gears.

The only way I could see WordPress developers from preventing this from happening in the future is to rename the wp-tinymce.php file for every release. There may be some documentation for Google Gears as well to tell it to upgrade all of the locally cached files.

Plugins 014 – NextGEN Gallery Plugin

Today we’re covering the  NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin.

The NextGEN Gallery plugin adds image gallery functionality to your WordPress blog. Click here for a demonstration.

Features include:

  • Flash Slideshow
  • Flash Viewer (as an additional addon)
  • Templates
  • CSS styling
  • Watermarks
  • JavaScript Effect (Web 2.0 feel)
  • Custom Media Gallery RSS feed
  • Sidebar Widget
  • Tag images
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Multi-language support
  • Administration
    • Copy/Move images
    • Upload zip file of multiple pictures
    • Integrates to Post/Page editor (TinyMCE)

The NextGEN Gallery plugin makes it easy to add a modern gallery to your blog. Users knowledgeable in CSS and HTML can take further advantage of this plugin, though knowledge of CSS and HTML is not necessary to use this plugin.

Plugins Podcast Skill Level: Any

To learn more about the NextGEN Gallery plugin, please go to

Plugins 010 – Contact Form 7 Plugin

Today we’re covering the Contact Form 7 plugin to add custom contact forms to WordPress.

Key features include:

  • Solid set of field types (radio, checkbox, dropdown, listbox, email,  etc…)
  • Email admin(s) of form submission
  • Ability to attach files
  • Captcha image to prevent SPAM form submissions
  • Easily customizable (as long as you know html/css)
  • Translated to over 30 languages
  • Works with WordPress 2.7 (latest version as of this writing)

The plugin is developed by Takayuki Miyoshi. To learn more about Contact Form 7 plugin, please visit