Classic Image Button plugin Now Available

The Plugins Podcast is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new Classic Image Button WordPress plugin.

The Classic Image Button plugin adds the classic image button option to the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress. The plugin adds the image button to the top row of the text formatting options. The plugin can work in tandem with the built-in WordPress image functions. This plugin also includes an option to disable inline styles in case you want your image styling to be compatible with the widest range of feed readers.

Classic Image Button

Disabling inline styles reverts the image properties vspace, hspace, border and align as image attributes instead of inline styling (e.g. border=”2″ instead of style=”border: 2px;”).

The Classic Image Button is added to both the main post and page visual editors as well as the smaller Press This editor.

The plugin may be downloaded from the WordPress Plugins Directory or by the following link: Download version 1.0.

Plugins 005 – Google XML Sitemaps

Today we’re covering the Google XML Sitemaps plugin to generate valid site maps for popular search engines such as Google, MSN Search, Yahoo and to process.

Key features include:

  • Automated regeneration (New and edited posts and pages automatically regenerate sitemaps)
  • Auto Notify Google, MSN Search, Yahoo and when sitemaps are updated
  • Optional compressed version of sitemap file
  • Detailed selection of content to be included in Sitemaps (e.g. only posts and static pages)
  • Customize priority weights based on page type (homepage, archives, static pages, etc..)
  • Works with WordPress 2.7 (latest version as of this writing)

The plugin is developed by Arne Brachhold. To learn more about the Google XML Sitemaps plugin as well as other plugins developed by Arne, please visit

CFormsII plugin Currently Not Available at

The CFormsII WordPress plugin is currently not available on The plugin is still available for download from the Delicious Days web site,

The plugin was removed due to the current license packaged with the plugin. The future versions will be released with the correct license. We are hopeful that the new version will return to the WordPress Plugins directory.

Plugins 004 – CFormsII Custom Forms

Today we’re covering the CFormsII plugin to add contact forms, applications and other custom forms to WordPress.

Key features include:

  • Complete gamut of field types (radio, checkbox, dropdown, listbox, password, date, etc…)
  • Auto confirmation Email message
  • Email admin(s) of form submission
  • Use forms for blog comments
  • Integrates with the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) content editor
  • Multi-page forms
  • Ability to attach files
  • Captcha image to prevent SPAM form submissions
  • Data saved in database exportable (XML, CSV, TAB)
  • Specify start and/or end dates when forms are available
  • Works with WordPress 2.7 (latest version as of this writing)

The plugin is developed by Delicious Days. To learn more about CFormsII plugin as well as other plugins developed by Delicious Days, please visit

Plugins 003 – Peters Custom Anti Spam

Today we’re covering the Peter’s Custom Anti-SPAM plugin to combat comment SPAM in WordPress. The plugin adds a Captcha image to confirm that the actual user leaving the comment is a human and not a scripted SPAM bot or comment spamming crawler.

Key features include:

  • Easy to read customizable Captcha words
  • Random font styles
  • Audio option for visually impaired users
  • Does not require Javascript or web browser cookies
  • Works with WordPress 2.7 (latest version as of this writing)

The plugin is developed by Peter Keung. To learn more about Peter’s Custom Anti SPAM plugin as well as other plugins developed by Peter on his web site,